Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Outpouring of Support flows for W.D.M. Valley's 'Laramie': D.M. Register

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This story and its headline are an example of why I don't subscribe to the Des Moines Register. I don't mind reading their news online for FREE, but will not pay them one more dime for a subscription.

I love it when they editorialize in the news, I mean look at the headline. No where in reading this story do I see proof that there is an outpouring of support for this play. The story said, "of those who spoke, there was a majority in support of the play." There were 50 people who spoke, a majority would have been 26 in favor to 24 opposed. The margin may have been larger than that, but still doesn't justify the headline.

That being said, I am not in favor of this play being performed. I admit that I am not only concerned about the vulgar content of the play - it hasn't been entirely edited out. I am also concerned because I see it as a propaganda tool for those with a radical homosexual agenda. There are plenty of non-controversial plays out there that the Valley Drama Department can do besides this one.

I was horrified at what happened to Matthew Shepherd, I am equally horrified when I hear of anybody being murdered. The fact that he was a homosexual, doesn't make it any more or any less a hideous crime. Murder is wrong - for any reason.

I am also horrified by the Fred Phelps of the world who hold signs that "God hates fags" and the like. How Christ must weep at that. He hates sin, He doesn't hate people. I can't imagine what would possess somebody to picket outside of a funeral, how does that show Christ-like love? It doesn't.

I also grow tired of conservative, evangelical Christians being painted as being of the same ilk as Phelps. On the other hand I grow tired of the only way conservative, evangelical Christians seem to get involved in engaging the homosexual community is through demonstrations and political action. While I don't want to diminish the necessity of doing that on occasion - if that is the only time the homosexual community sees us - what are we communicating?

We need to love our neighbor (homosexuals) as ourselves - that is a command, not an option. I admit that by and large evangelicals fail miserably at that. That needs to change.

To those who agree with the agenda espoused by the play? To call those who think homosexuality is a sin a hatemonger or worse - just how tolerant is that?

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