Wednesday, October 11, 2006

That They May Have Life - ECT | Christianity Today

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This is the latest statement from the group Evangelicals & Catholics Together. While I haven't always agreed with every statement that this group has put forth, I do appreciate the focus on what we have in common, and the fact we can have unity in Jesus Christ.

This latest statement focuses on affirming a culture of life and to unify Catholics & Evangelicals to stand together in promoting a culture of life in our nation that addresses euthanasia, assisted-suicide, abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, etc.

This statement also gives a refresher on the reasons for a pro-life ethic. David Neff summarizes this well in his article about this statement on Christianity Today's website. They are:

  • The gospel itself is about God sending his Son so that those who believe in Him might have life.
  • "Every human life is intended by God from eternity to eternity."
  • The Bible's message of life is addressed universally - beyond the human race, even to the whole creation.
  • The Christian "love thy neighbor" ethic "begins .... with respect for the neighbor's right to be, by honoring the gift of God that is the neighbor's ife."
  • Christianity, from its earliest days, was a "way of life" that contrasted with the pagan culture's "way of death."

I think this sums up well why being a Christian - whether you are Catholic, Mainline Protestant, Evangelical or Pentecostal - and being "pro-choice" is inconsistant.

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