Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christian Video Games

While eating lunch, I about lost my lunch (you are probably thinking - "thanks for the visual image there Shane") while reading an article on the Chicago Tribune website written by John Kass. It was about a computer game based on the Left Behind Series, a collection of books written by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye about the world after the rapture of the Church.

I enjoyed the series though I do want to remind people that these books are a reflection of Jenkins & LaHaye's interpretation of Revelation & other end-times prophecies. My personal eschotalogical views differ from theirs in some ways, but it was a great work of fiction - though I feel it could have been accomplished in a fewer number of books.

What disturbs me is this video game. I feel it is irresponsible. It is poor theology, and is a bad example of kids. I can only hope that LaHaye & Jenkins have not endorsed this, but I do wonder if they are receiving any type of royalties from it though. It is called Left Behind: Eternal Forces please do not put it in your kids stocking this year.

This also has me thinking about how much Christianity is being "marketed". Do we really need Christian video games? Now I understand some of these can be used as an educational tool, but some of what goes on in the name of Jesus is becoming not only goofy, but downright distrubing - which this game is to me.

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