Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year's Resolutions?

I must admit. I typically have never done New Year's Resolutions, much less make them part of public record for the tens of people that read this blog. Just coming back from a run over lunch (no a bear wasn't chasing me) made me think of some health related ones. Health emcompasses much more than that however. I would like to be healthier in 2007. Here are some of my resolutions. I would like to read about yours - so please share some of your resolutions in the comment section.
  1. Recommit myself to working out six times a week. I've gotten slack about that in the last few months (and it is starting to show).
  2. Back to basics - my eating lifestyle (six meals a day, low fat protein, complex carbohydrates, - proper portions, etc. You can go to Body for Life to see what I am talking about.)
  3. Participate in two 5K runs this year.
  4. Wrestle in the 2007 Iowa Games (and not be humiliated) - I don't know if this is a completely retarded thing to want to do, but I've been thinking about it for awhile.
  5. Ride one or two days at RAGBRAII, and do the whole thing in 2008 (I'm just not sure that I want to take vacation for it - I'm thinking about seeing if I can turn this into a SOY publicity thing - riding for kids or something like that, LOL).
  6. Read though the entire Bible in 2007 - I didn't do it in 2006, but have the previous few years.
  7. Read one book a week - perhaps, less TV to accomplish this.
  8. Take a weekly Sabbath - with all of the juggling I've been doing, I haven't been keeping this commandment very well.
  9. Date Cheryl once a week, and a "date" with each of my kids every other week (this hasn't happened a whole lot for the same reason as #8).
  10. Start my seminary program - I'm looking at doing an MDiv through Liberty Theological Seminary online. I am considering joining the Iowa Army National Guard as a Chaplain Candidate in order to accomplish that. For those of you who don't know I have six years prior service in the Iowa/Illinois National Guard as a medic.

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Shane Vander Hart said...

Regarding #10 - I'll be done with my commitment to First Baptist Church before I do this. I just didn't want anybody to think that I would try to pick that up without "offloading" anything.