Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Global Warming

Some interesting op/ed pieces on speaking out against the Global Warming movement today. I wanted to provide a few links for you.


journey of the discontent said...

Man... you we just disagree on all the hot issues. I wonder why we seem to think about exactly opposite on so many things?

Shane Vander Hart said...

I'm not sure. LOL!

With global warming, I just don't think divergent opinions (and their are scientists & climatogists who disagree) are being heard. There needs to be more discussion.

Now I do believe that as a Christian I believe that I am a steward of creation (just don't worship it). I don't litter, I try to recycle, I have a problem with over hunting/fishing, etc. I think protecting endangered wildlife is a good thing.

I am also hope that we create alternative clean fuel options. I am also a realist though too. I have a limited budget so this techonolgy has to be affordable. While we are working on clean fuel, etc. We need to look into environment friendly oil driling, etc.

I hope we do lower emissions. I also want clean air (my son has asthma). I just think their is a hysteria around global warming that is not appropriate. I am tried of divergent opinions being ridiculed.

I don't think enough research has gone into this. It wasn't that long ago in my lifetime they were screaming about global cooling. Also do we really have a handle on climate trends throughout history. I don't think so. This could be part of a cycle that we really have little control over.