Friday, March 9, 2007

BattleCry in San Francisco

Teen Mania Ministries is being targeted (no surprise here) by the secular progressive press because they have the audacity to bring their Battlecry event to San Francisco. Read this article in the Barre/Montplier (VT) Times Argus (written by a reporter from the San Francisco Journal) and let me know if you think some editorializing is going on in this "news" piece. Ridiculous? Here is another example of people playing fast and loose with the word tolerance.


Sista Cala said...

Teen Mania is an excellent program. I personally know a young lady that went through their program. Her life was completely changed. She has since put in 2 years on the mission field in Kenya. Anything that satan attacks w/a vengence is certainly a cause worth fighting for.

Thanks for the link. Glad you are feeling better.

Shane Vander Hart said...


Thanks for the comment and encouragement. It is nice to be feeling "normal" again (whatever that is).