Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Whitewashing Jihad in the Schools

To follow up on yesterday's post on the outrageous stunt Burlington Township High School in New Jersey pulled last month, I want to encourage you to read Michelle Malkin's article in - "Whitewashing Jihad in the Schools". The NEA and public school educators who embrace their liberal ideology have completely lost their collective mind.


Sarah said...

I have two thoughts on this. First, secular school and community leaders are intimidated by Muslim groups and are afraid that if they run these 'scenarios' with Muslim 'bad guys', they will be accused of stereotyping, prejudice and hate. They assume, that since our nation was founded on Christianity, the only non-offensive (to minority groups) thing to do is make the bad guys Christian. Okay, but why not secular radicals?

This is crazy, of course, that they are running these drills with Christian culprits - there is an obvious anti-Christian ring to it all. What I think is even more crazy is that the public school system is running these fear-driving, far-out in left field drills in the first place! The actual chances of a school needing this kind of preparation is like one a million. (I think there is an all-terror-all-the-time epidemic running rampant in America right now). It's insanity that we are subjecting our children to this kind of fear and paranoia. It reminds me of the nuclear bomb drills - duck and cover. But worse. I guess, now that the Cold War is over, we've got to find somebody else that's "Out to get us." I'm not saying the threat is non-existant. I just think it is blown WAY, WAY out of proportion! (That's my opinion anyway, take it for what it's worth.)

Shane Vander Hart said...

I concur. I was on the adminstrative team of a Christian school and we had to have an emergency plan for how we would deal with occurances such as this in our operations manual. It was actually a requirement for our school to be accredited.

That is a far cry from actually running a drill. How does anyone think that they will be "prepared" for such an event anyway. There is the human factor - the emotions, the panic, and the fear that one has to consider - all of which you do not experience in a drill.

Police and security should be prepared. Let the kids be kids. Teachers should be familiar with the plan.

As far as you opening thoughts, I completely concur! Thanks for posting your comment.