Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Getting Tough on Sudan

President Bush took a step in the right direction yesterday with new sanctions against Sudan. Seeing anything come out of the United Nations to complement what the United States seems unlikely.
In announcing new U.S. sanctions on Sudan yesterday, President Bush made clear his frustration with the inability of his administration and the United Nations to halt the violence in Darfur, which he has described as ongoing "genocide."

"I promise this to the people of Darfur," Bush said at the
White House. "The United States will not avert our eyes from a crisis that challenges the conscience of the world."

The administration's strong rhetoric and new plan to squeeze Sudan was greeted with immediate roadblocks yesterday. At the United Nations,
China and Russia displayed little interest in joining the U.S. drive to isolate Khartoum economically and coerce its leaders into cooperating with international efforts to stop the violence in Darfur... more

(Source: Washington Post)

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