Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Baptist Covenant Controversy

In today's Christian Post:
The New Baptist Covenant Celebration, the effort which organizers have hoped to unite Baptists and create a more positive Baptist image, has roused more debates between conservative Southern Baptists and moderate ones.

Southern Baptist Convention
president Frank Page released a statement reproving former President Jimmy Carter's New Baptist initiative, saying, "I will not be a part of any smokescreen leftwing liberal agenda that seeks to deny the greatest need in our world, that being that the lost be shown the way to eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord." (read more)

This whole initiative by President Carter and President Clinton has bothered me. It seems too political. Also when the goal is to "create a more positive Baptist image" makes the whole thing devisive. Who says that it is negative? Anyway, I would love to hear comments and opinions on this. Also what is your thoughts on Governor Mike Huckabee withdrawing from this event?


Noah Braymen said...

Considering Carter doesn't believe that Jesus is the only name by which we must be saved...I don't think he has the authority or the credibility to lead something like this. Folks that believe he does need to read some Martin Lloy-Jones to see what true Evangelical Christian unity is. Just my 2 cents...

Shane Vander Hart said...

I was disappointed when I read that about President Carter. Based on some of his liberal views (ie. abortion) I knew that his understanding of scripture was messed up.