Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Youth Leadership within the Church

Interesting article on Christian Post about Christian Endeavor International's launch to a nationwide push to fight the youth crisis.
A new nationwide youth push has evangelicals asking, "When did we stop trusting our youth?" America's future rests on more than the next generation itself, but on the nation's belief in the capacity of our youth to do great things, says one international ministry leader.

Timothy Eldred, executive director of Christian Endeavor International, hopes the adult generation will do more than give lip service with "I believe in youth."

"Most everyone says 'I believe in young people; I believe God has equipped young people,'" noted Eldred. "Really?" he asked, with a hint of skepticism.

"What are you letting them do? What are they leading? If they don't lead the church, they leave the church," he said. (
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One of my biggest pet peeves is when I hear, "our youth are the church of tomorrow." No they aren't. They are the Church of today. I think anything that will help engage adults in ministry to youth to spark ministry by youth is a good thing. Anyway, read the complete article and share your thoughts by commenting on this post.

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