Saturday, June 2, 2007

Obama Targets The Faith Community

Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) is the first Democratic candidate to start a website reaching out to people of faith. It was just launched today.
The online community is called Faith-Action-Change: People of Faith for Barack.

It defines itself by proclaiming: "Faith Action Change is a community of people of faith who support Barack Obama and want to put their faith into action to change our country."

I want to put my faith into action to change my country as well. Which is exactly why I will not vote for him. I believe the Bible (which informs my worldview) is very clear on the sanctity of life, marriage, family, etc. Many of Barack Obama's policies do not line up. While I can understand how one can be anti-war on the basis of their faith, I can not see how one can be pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage on the basis of that same faith (which I could not find his views on his campaign website, but they are well known). It is inconsistent.

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