Friday, June 8, 2007

Video: Democratic Presidential Debate - Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Listen to the last half of the video embedded below and listen to the arrogance of Sen. Joe Biden (D-Delware). "Peter Pace is just plain wrong," he says. He's gone on several fact finding tours of the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He knows better than our military commanders the situation on the ground about gays in the military.

Like soldiers are going to open up to him about this issue. How much time is he really spending? When a solider is on the front lines they are not going to be focusing on such issues for sure, but in the barracks? Different story. Morale killer? You betcha. Being in the military isn't just like any other job. These folks live with one another. They place their lives in the hands of those in their squad, platoon and company.

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