Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Weighing in on Michael Vick

Quite frankly I'm sick of this story. Perhaps now that Vick has pleaded guilty this story will die a quick death, but I doubt it. I have some issues with this plea arrangement. I'll probably take some flack for this, but oh well. I like dogs I really do (my mini-dachshund, Mac is our furry kid) . I think dogfighting is a deplorable practice and the killing of the losing dogs is cruel, but I'm surprised at the huge fine that Vick has to pay and the year in prison after a plea arrangement. If he were found guilty by a jury of his peers what would the sentence be then?

My struggle is should their really be prison time for killing dogs? Probably, but it seems out of whack to me when I hear of child rapists getting off with less time that what Vick is getting. I've seen those who have been found guilty of vehicular homicide get less time than this. Human life is far more valuable than a dog's. Dog's are not created in the image of God, we are. I'm not saying there shouldn't be consequences - their should, but we need to see some balance brought back to our justice system.

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sailfish said...

okay. we do agree that humans are far more important than dogs. agreed. and yeah, vehicular homicide isn't taken too seriously. and child rapists suck too. and there's no real punishment that is fair for that. but we differ in that i believe he should get jail time. but ONLY cuz he's the poster boy. i'm GLAD we might be able to make an example out of him. dogfighting is RAMPANT in certain communities. i don't mean he should get life in prison, but if a person can do that to an animal, there's not that much of a disconnect as to when these maniacs start screwing with and killing PEOPLE. it's a natural progression which has been documented by researchers.

but it does say a heck of a lot about a society when you see how the animals are treated amongst them.

Shane Vander Hart said...

You make a good point about the progression from hurting animals to hurting people. You find that with a lot of serial killers - when they were children they were cruel to animals. You don't necessarily see that progression with adults who do the same thing though.

I'm not saying he shouldn't get jail time. My point is that perhaps sentencing needs to be appropriate with other crimes.

What do you mean that he is "poster child" for dogfighting? Is that because of the magnitude of his crime or the fact he is an NFL star and is very high profile?