Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shane Likes to...

The idea is to google (or in my case I Good Search - using Serve Our Youth Network as the charity) your name and "likes to" and see what comes up.

Good Search says I like to:
  1. play golf in my spare time, but love horses much more.
  2. write and play NHL 2004.
  3. ride my bike around the house like a maniac.
  4. walk in the countryside and visit relatives.
  5. skateboard and can often be found at a skate park.
  6. say he does everything Rick doesn't do.
  7. keep it simple.
  8. listen to techno, use his computer to be creative, and to draw.
  9. spice things up.
  10. do somersaults anywhere.
(HT: Ryan Tow)

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