Thursday, September 20, 2007

Susan Estrich: LIttle Girls in a Sick Society

I don't agree with Susan Estrich on much, but I found my self shaking my head in agreement with this op-ed piece on the Fox News website.

We need to protect our daughters' innocence. I have mentioned on this blog before my daughters Kelvey and Lily dance. When we first started Kelvey dancing in Valparaiso, IN the dance studio we were with had the older girls were costumes for their recital that had me thinking as their dad, "over my cold dead body will Kelvey were that!"

I see girls, Kelvey's age (she just turned 11 this month) being "sexualized" it makes me incredibly sad. Where is the outrage? What the heck (I'm thinking a stronger word right now) are the parent(s) thinking? Our kids need us to be outraged about this. They need us to protect them. Flaunting your body is not a mark of maturity, but quite the contrary! Anyway, this article got me fired up this morning. I hope it fires you up as well.

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