Thursday, September 13, 2007

You Know You Are Too Busy When...

... you screen a personal phone call made to you by a major presidential candidate. I was supposed to be at a pastors meeting that John McCain was hosting to talk about how churches can support the troops and be involved in the war on terror. I know a couple of people who work for his campaign here in Iowa, and they said they would like to have me there even though they know I'm supporting Huckabee.

Anyway, he was running late to a meeting with veterans before he was to meet with the pastors yesterday. He was an hour behind schedule and he had to cancel. No big deal, and I would imagine it isn't unusual for candidates to have to cancel meetings.

Today I'm sitting in a youthworkers' meeting eating lunch and I get a phone call. Noticing it was a Washington, DC number which isn't completely unusual but not common I just let it go to voicemail. I check it after the meeting and I realized I just screened a personal phone call from Senator McCain. Nice. You can listen below or here.

I already respected him before (though I don't agree with all of his positions), but I am impressed with and respect the fact that he took the time to make a phone call to apologize for missing the meeting. I don't think I'll screen phone calls from Washington, DC anymore.

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