Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pagitt Confused

Doug Pagitt, pastor of Solomon's Porch, and a leader (or whatever he calls himself) for the Emergent Village was interviewed on the Way of the Master Radio by Todd Friel.

I was embarrassed for Doug Pagitt when he was asked to explain the afterlife or as he likes to call it, "the forevermore." I am not sure why he acted as though he didn't know what Todd Friel was talking about when Friel asked, "does a good Buddhist go to heaven?"

This a great example of trying to pin down jello. He acted as though Friel was loopy by demonstrating a sound systematic theological position on heaven and hell.

Pagitt didn't know what he was talking about, and is quite frankly, a heretic. That's my take why don't you listen and let me know what you think.

You can listen here - click on the podcast icon and download it. The link that says "listen now" doesn't seem to be working. I'm including it though incase it is fixed.


B. Thomas said...

You have the funnest variety of posts. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative. Also, you're not reluctant to express your strong opinions.
I've been subscribed to your blog for months...keep up the good work!

Shane Vander Hart said...

Thanks for the comment Brent!