Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Christian Response to Waterboarding

Joe Carter is right on waterboarding.  Waterboarding is torture and should never be condoned by Christians.  We need to advocate that people who are created in the image of God be treated with dignity.  I encourage you to check out his well written post on the subject.


Recovering said...

I think if you have a known terrorist and a high probability that he/she knows information about an iminent attack or the whereabouts of a prominent figure wanted for terrorism; then waterboarding might be much more merciful than what that person deserves.

If we read the totality of the Scriptures, can you really say that it is unBiblical to scare or temporarily freak someone out to get life-saving information? God had his people do much worse things to protect His nation from idolatry, let alone their lives.

I don't think it should be commonplace to interrogate prisoners this way. However, If I was a CIA agent and was desperate to get information on what we knew was an iminent attack...I'd be the first to grab the bucket of water. The terrorist will live...and get over it.

To me, torture is the line at which permanent or irreprable damage to the person's health or psyche, especially to the point of affecting their potential as rehabilitated, converted, and/or productive citizens is done. Waterboarding in extreme cases just doesn't fit that description to me. Why take anything like that off the table - and advertise it to our enemies?

Shane Vander Hart said...

I understand your point. It isn't as bad as other forms of torture, but it is still torture. Who determines what is extreme? Who decides which person warrants it or not?

I don't want to be soft on terror by any means. The ends don't always justify the means. Whose to say they won't provide disinformation just to get it overwith? A lot of interagators will tell you it isn't effective.

Saying that I'm not against sleep deprevation, etc to disorient a suspected terroist (I don't consider verbal threats or insults torture, as some on the left would) but I think we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Also, I'm not sure I'm comfortable taking scenarios in a given context in Scripture with a specific people as rationale for what we do today. God was commanding the Israelites to do what they did in taking the Promise Land. We have no such command.

What's with us lately? This is the second thing we've disagreed on in the last couple of days ;). I still love you bro!