Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Anniversary Song, Hell House and a Dead Bird

Cheryl and I celebrated our 13th anniversary yesterday. We celebrated by spending the day cleaning the house, mowing the lawn and then spending the rest of the time with her parents who visited us after the family reunion. Our anniversary dinner was spent at CiCi's Pizza.
This morning my daughter Kelvey decided to brighten our day with an anniversary song:
Even though you are old and gray
With your husband you are hap-paay
So happy aniversar-ray

Thanks Kelvey, your mother and I feel warm and tingly inside. Capped off a wonderful anniversary, boy I do feel old.
Well an update on the house hunting front. We got our preapproval with Integrity Home Mortgage, my friend Josh Hulling worked on that for us. If you are looking to buy a house, please consider my man Josh, he'll work hard for you and knows his stuff.
We walked through a couple of houses today. One house on the north side of Des Moines, sounded good on the internet. One thing for certain, I believe that some realtors must have been great at creative writing prior to getting into real estate. Because the description on the internet was a complete piece of fiction. The house had been infested with cats - one day I will have to blog about how I feel about them. Cheryl and her dad went down into the basement with my son Morgan. She called up to me, "Shane could you please come down here and give Morgan an hand."
Needless to say I was wondering why Morgan needed me. I went downstairs and found out Morgan while in the laundry room had stepped in some cat poop and had it all over his shoe. There was cat poop everywhere! I mean everywhere! Full, unchanged litter boxes were all over the house so the cats were not using them. The basement was listed as finished, but I believe I had seen it before in a horror movie recently, maybe it was 8 Legged Freaks.
The back yard was a dirt pile. I feel bad for the realtor, he looked so defeated. He knew he wasn't getting a sale, and was wasting his time. We wasted ours too.
To top off our evening, we saw a house in Carlisle, or as my daughter Lily likes saying "Cargile". This was a second visit to our house which we do like. This house has a wood burning stove, and for some reason they decided to look inside. The realtor had just finished telling us that part of the inspection should entail having somebody look at the chimney to make sure that the screen is there, and everything is safe, etc. Well when they opened up the stove there was a dead bird inside. I guess the screen is gone. It really did fit with the hunting, outdoorsy theme going on in the house though. We still like the house though, dead bird and all. Right now there are two houses we really like that one, and one on the southside of Des Moines.
I have to say looking for a house has been an interesting experience. What a day!

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