Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pastor Quintin the Praying Mantis

My kids found a praying mantis today, and because they love our pastor so much they decided to name him (I'm not sure if it is male or not since I'm not a praying mantis expert) Pastor Quintin. I don't get it, tell me if you see any resemblance?

They were incredibly excited when we got home tonight after looking at a house when they discovered that Pastor Quintin (the praying mantis, not to be confused with the Senior Pastor of Valley Church) bit the head off of a cricket they put in his cage.

Believe it or not my kids named the praying mantis after Pastor Quintin out of respect. I'm just glad Pastor Quintin (my pastor, not the praying mantis) doesn't bite the heads off crickets during Sunday services.


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Shane Vander Hart said...

Perhaps they called the praying mantis that because of the ASK 40 campaign Pastor Quintin is doing - which I guess would be appropriate. :)