Friday, August 18, 2006

Too much too soon | The Courier-Mail

Too much too soon The Courier-Mail

When I read this article, it made me mad - that is so where society is heading. My oldest daughter, Kelvey, is in dance. We now are a part of a Christian-based dance studio, but when we lived in Valparaiso, IN there was not any such option. We would have had to make a pretty tough stance. When we went to the recital, or looked at the different dance groups on the way and the costumes they were wearing, the dances they were doing, or listened to the music they were dancing too - I thought, only over "my cold dead body." (and over Cheryl's too). I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue.


Recovering said...

Corporations are like politicians...they are a reflection of our own souls and culture

...that is why they irritate us so much.

Noah Braymen said...

Here are a few interesting things...

"It is a change that Michael Carr-Gregg identifies this way: 'There has been the effective eradication of early adolescence. Where once there used to be clothing in an eight-to-13 age range, this is now eight-to-16 with nothing in between.'"

Since when is age 16 the age where lingerie is acceptable for girls to be considering???

"The popular magazine titles Total Girl, Dolly, Chick and Girlfriend are ostensibly aimed at the teenage market, with Total Girl more a tween readership. Even with Total Girl, the kind of image to aspire to is the tattooed and daring – pop stars Pink or The Veronicas – while the Bratz make-up case is advertised for a primary-aged consumer in mind."

Two terms in this are sadly true, yet troubling...
(1) "teenage market"
(2) "primary-aged consumer"
Maybe it's time that parents didn't give kids money, rather they went with the kids to purchase something for them. It's a fact of life that these kids buy this stuff, but we are in desperate need of a recovery of "parental involvement" in children's lives in regard to consumerism, tv watching, communication with other parents as to what our children are exposed to at their house, etc.

This is a sad article. All the more reason to be more deliberate!

In Christ