Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Technology Saga Continues

After talking with a computer repair place it was determined that it would be more cost effective to just purchase a external network adapter so I can be back in WI-FI world again. So that purchase took place today, and I couldn't get it to work at home. I purchased a Linksys Network adapter, and have a D-Link wireless router at home. I finally walked through with a techie guy uninstalling the software, and just installing the drivers (some of you are probably scratching your heads, me too, writing about it doesn't actually mean I know what I'm talking about, LOL). It still doesn't work. I called Linksys back, they said there is nothing wrong with the driver because the signal is being detected. I called D-Link, and they said there is nothing wrong with the router because I was getting internet on my home PC (I don't know what that has to do with the wireless, but oh well). So each tech person told to call the other tech person which leads me to believe they don't know what they are talking about either.
Meanwhile I am pulling out my hair, so now I will be both gray and bald! Isn't technology wonderful? The good news is that the wireless card does work because I'm doing this blog entry from Panera (I decided to go to another WI-FI hotspot in order to test this out). I think I may have figured out my problem with the home network (to be seen when I get home tonight after Bible discussion groups).
The bad news is that the WI-FI on my PDA no longer works. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! There goes the last hair, now I'm starting to look like some youth pastor friends I know - who shall remain nameless.


Shane Vander Hart said...

I did get it working at home! Yeah!

Recovering said...

Good for you! Technology sucks...but I love it.