Thursday, August 3, 2006

Remind Me Why Baseball is America's Pasttime Again?

Cheryl, the kids and I received some free tickets to watch the I-Cubs play the Tacoma Rainers last night. This would be the second Cubs game in the last three years that I have attempted to take my kids to. The first time was two summers ago, and that didn't go so well. My youngest fell asleep during the bottom of the 2nd inning. We lasted until the 6th inning and then it was time to go. Nothing, but whiney kids. Ugh.

So we thought we would be adventuresome again, and this time Cheryl went along. The girls were complaining during the 1st inning, that they were bored. Morgan was complaining because he couldn't find his glove so there was "no way" he'd be able to catch a ball if it should happen to come our way. Then the girls were hungry and still bored. Morgan was mad because they didn't shoot a hot dog at him with the hot dog gun (don't ask). The girls had to go to the bathroom. The kids were thirsty.

We ended up leaving after the 5th inning with the Cubbies leading Tacoma 6-2 (still need to find out the final score). The most entertaining moment we all agreed on the way back to the car was the kids running a race from 1st base to 3rd base dressed as burgers -that made the evening worth while.

I think the next game we watch will be football. My belief is if there isn't physical contact, it isn't a sport :).


Shane Vander Hart said...

The Cubs won 7-3.

Dunes Chic said...

Oh - if only the Aunt Becky were around to explain the finer things of life - baseball and the Cubbies no less - to my favoritest nieces and nephew :) :)

Love, Aunt Becky :)

olympic couch potato said...

God, being rather busy, most likely doesn't have time for baseball. However, if he did he would be a die-hard cubbies fan. I mean look what he has taught them already: Humility, defeat, and the term "just wait 'til next season".