Monday, September 11, 2006 - Ticked off: Brown faults clock rule in loss to OSU

Okay, is this a classic case of whining or what? What little I saw of this over-hyped game was underwhelming.

Texas got their clocks cleaned (pun intended) 24-7 by Ohio State, and the head coach is blaming the clock rules? How about blaming the defense for allowing Troy Smith to rack up 269 yards in the air and two touchdowns? Or blame the offense for two turnovers? No, let's blame the clock rule. That's what it was.

Or I know, maybe Ohio State is actually better than Texas - who would have thought?

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Recovering said...

Texas may be going through a period of being humbled by God. When you are the best team in the U.S. in the best state in the U.S. (Iowa's a close second), it is easy to get a little cocky.